Hokkien Language

Hokkien Lang

This is what happens if your hokkien is not good enough.
This person went to a coffee shop with his friends for a drink.

One peculiar habit of this friend is that he doesn't drink any
beverage with Milk.
He approached the counter and the uncle there asked him
in hokkien,'lee ai, lim, see mee?' (What do you want to drink?) Not
knowing that " teh-o " (means tea without milk), my friend said
rather slowly, "TEH...MAI...LOK...GU...NI " (tea , don't put milk).

And......guess what he got?? He got all the 3 types of drink!
"teh", "milo " and "milk". And the worst thing was all these 3 types
of beverages contain MILK!

Holland Rd

A man new in Singapore boards a bus. He asks the bus driver to
inform him when the bus has reached Holland Road. After a while, the
passenger heard the driver yelled out, "Hollan Lok! Hollan Lok!".
So, thinking the bus has reached his destination point, he got down
the bus.
However, to his surprise he saw a road sign stating the name of
another road. Why?????????????? Because the bus driver said
in Hokkien to the passengers in the crowded bus : "Let people go
down, let people go down!!!!" (Hor lang loh! Hor lang loh!")


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