Tight Job Market

A UM graduate found himself difficult to get a job here. He finally
accepted the offer to work with Taiping Zoo. "What to do? It's better to
work like this than earning nothing..." mumbling to himself. So since
that day, the IT grad started work acting as a monkey.
He has to wear monkey suit and mask, chew nuts and eat bananas. He has
to climb trees too and jump from one to another to attract visitors.

The zoo has since then enjoyed tremendous business due to the increase
in visitors. Even Mahathir wanted to see the super 'smart' monkey in the

Unfortunately, one day when he was jumping from the trees, he fell down
into a crocodile pool! "Oh my God...I'm dying...now" he thought, as a
hungry looking crocodile swam steadily towards his direction. In the
middle of his struggle, suddenly he heard a soft voice,

"Don't be afraid my friend...I'm from UKM"



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