Naked Thief

KUALA TERENGGANU MALAYSIA: A thief not only carted away cash and belongings but had the cheek to sleep naked beside a woman whose house he had broken into.
The victim, a 36-year-old housewife claimed she was not aware that the man, who caressed her and slept beside her, was a stranger.
Police said the suspect had gained entry into the house in Kampung Bukit Tok Beng, Seberang Takir here via the back at about 5.30pm.
He said the woman said in her report that she was fast asleep at the hall of her house when she was awakened by a man who was naked.
She said she could only get a glimpse of the man as the latter had covered his face with a t-shirt.
"The suspect invited the victim to the room, telling her (victim) that he was intoxicated. The victim called out to her husband when the suspect murmured 'I am the one'," he said.
Police said the victim smelled something fishy when she heard the voice of the suspect, which was different from her husband's.
He said the victim then went to the second room and found her husband fast asleep on a couch.She then screamed causing the suspect to flee by leaping from the window together with the loot.



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