You Won't Believe What $700 Billion Buys!

We all know that $700 billion--the amount of the proposed federal bailout of Wall Street and Main Street--is a heck of a lot of money. But it's so much money that it's basically impossible to wrap your brain around it. TIME magazine and The Associated Press went on an imaginary spending spree and this is what they report we could buy with that amount.

What you could buy with $700,000,000,000:

--Purchase every NFL, NBA and MLB team, build each one a new stadium and pay each player a salary of $191 million for a year.
--Buy gasoline for every car in the United States for 16 months.
--Give every person in the United States $2,300 or give every household $6,200.
--Every deficient bridge in the United States could be repaired--four times over.
--You could build 1,750 bridges to nowhere.
--You could start your own country. $700 billion is roughly equal to the economy in The Netherlands.
--You could finance the National Institutes of Health, the nation's premier medical research institute, for 20 years.
--You could pay the salaries of 22 million average Americans for one year.
--For one year, you could pay the health care bills of the more than 85 million seniors, disabled people, children and low-income Americans enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid.
--You could pay off all the outstanding student loans in the United States (from both government and private lenders) and still have $150 billion to give to current college students.
--You could pay off 7 percent of the $9.8 trillion (and growing) national debt.



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