Seeking unemployed witches in Sweden

During the current economic downturn, finally some positive employment news is coming out of Sweden: Haxriket i Norden, a company based in Ahus, is looking to hire 20 witches to staff its phones and internet website. The company specialises in fortunes, predictions and other advice at a price of just USD 2.45 per minute.

The Local newspaper reports that qualified candidates for the position must be experienced in “contact with the other side, runes, tarots, crystals, herbs, rituals, exorcism, meditation, personal coaching, and more.” Interested witches must also have a fixed telephone line and Internet connection, but can enjoy the advantages of working from home.

Haxriket’s massive hiring wave is the result of an internal shakeup in the company in which several formerly-employed witches had to be terminated for violating telemarketing ethics that were put into place in 1994 by Sweden’s Trade Ethical Council for Telemarketing. What they did was not mentioned.

Qinna Blomgren, who claims to title of “top witch” and part-owner of Haxriket, told The Local, “We’ve really cleaned house. In order to work with us you don’t only need to have certain skills, but you also have to be serious and prepared to continually develop. We have a responsibility to our customers, and therefore our witches go through an employment exam so that we can see that they really can do what they say they can.”



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McDonald’s Limited Edition Calendar 2009

WARNING: Eating too much Junk Food will turn you into a "Super Model"
We eat to live and NOT Live to Eat

Happy 2009 to all of you here



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Men's vision of a women

Men's vision of a women

........... ///\\\
..........))\_-_/ ((\ <<-------------------- Problem
.....././(_.\x/._). <<-------------------- Product
........\.'...'.. //./
........../.\...\/ <<-------------------- Flavour

Men's Motto

Enjoy the flavour, Use the product, avoid the problem.



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Different Type Of Kiss

“Actions speak louder than words”. And when it comes to the person you love, kissing him/her is one of the most loving way to tell them of your feelings for them.
Kissing is an expression of emotions whether that be friendship, love, or passion. There are so many different types of kisses to express these different emotions and so many more different types of kisses that are just for pure fun and enjoyment.

Loving Kiss

Joy Kiss

Hidden Kiss

Flexible Kiss



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Simple Neurological test

This is a REAL neurological test. Sit comfortably and be calm.

1- Find the C below. Do not use any cursor help.


2- If y ou already found the C, now find the 6 below.


3- Now find the N below. It's a little more difficult..


This is NOT a joke.
If you were able to pass these 3 tests, you can cancel your annual visit
to your neurologist. Your brain is great and you're far from having Al zheimer Disease. Congratulations!



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4 Thoughts from Men

Jokes of the day
Embeded PDF file, Please install Acrobat Reader to read Thank You



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Add the letters in your first name using the numbers below

*under 160 points= not too sexy
*from 161-500 points= pretty sexxy
over 501-899 points= VERY sexxxxy!!!
*beyond 900= beyond verry verry verry sexy!!!!

A=100 B=14 C=9 D=28 E=145 F=12 G=3 H=10 I=200 J=100 K=114 L=100 M=25
N=450 O=80 P=2 Q=12 R=400 S=113 T=405 U=11 V=10 W=10 X=3 Y=210 Z=23

ALICE = 554

A =100
L= 100
I= 200
C =9
E =145



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Tips to get you a holiday

The recent economic downturn leads towards more of us being unable to afford a holiday. As well rising living costs, many businesses are also beginning to feel the pinch which leads to job cuts and rising unemployment. A holiday is one of the things we most look forward to, but is it a necessity at a time when the financial crisis has many of us in turmoil?


Image Hosted by
Help me please I need some money for a holiday

Image Hosted by
No petrol never mind!! Dog is Men best friends



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KFC Moments

Three employees of a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Anderson California have been suspended for bathing in a deep sink used to clean dishes.
The prank was discovered after one of the young women posted photos on a social networking site of the trio posing and cavorting in the steaming water in their underwear and swim wear.
The photos were filed in a gallery called "KFC moments."

Captions included "haha KFC showers!" and "haha we turned on the jets."
A manager of the fast-food restaurant south of Redding says the three were reprimanded and suspended Tuesday.
She says no manager was on duty when the photos were taken as the three had closed the restaurant for the night.



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Funny University Student Research in Taiwan

According to Taiwan's "Today" reported that the Kunshan Taiwan University of Science and Technology graduate student Miss Xu Ren Yuan a few days ago to seek the Male"Cock". She plans to take photo of 100 male dick for her research.
By the end of October, she was using the Internet to solicit voluntary, has so far sign in more than 30 people, and had completed shooting 10 people.
What are you waitng for? Sign up NOW!!!

23 years old Taiwan University of Science and Technology graduate student Xu Ren Yuan

Miss Xu Ren Yuan are about to take photographs inside the studio.

She stressed that the shooting were only be done by herself and there are not other people involved in the shooting process.
According to Xu Ren Yuan planning, she intend to complete the research before her graduation in June 2010. She also intend to hold an exhibition to show her research of 100 male dick.



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Whose Pepsi is it?

A man and his wife were in a court for their divorce case.

The Problem was who should get custody of the child.

The wife screamed and jumped up and said: "Your Honor. I brought The child into the world with all the pain and labor.

The child Should be in my custody. "

The judge turned to the husband and said: "What do you have to Say in your defense?"

The man sat for a while contemplating...then slowly rose. "Your Honor... If I put a dollar in a Pepsi Vending Machine and a Pepsi Comes out...

Whose Pepsi is it... The machine's or mine?"



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Latest Hair fashions: "2 in 1"

Seasons change, and along with the seasons so does hair. There are a lot of different hair fashion trends, because people are so diverse. "2 in 1" is the most popular hair fashion trends for the great 2008.

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