Nigerian wearing pumpkin shells as helmets

Recently the Nigerian Government have passed a law which makes it mandatory for all motorcyclists in Nigeria to wear Helmets. To cope up with the situation Nigerian Bikers have sought out a way by wearing dried pumpkin shells as Helmets.
Police in Nigeria have arrested motorcyle taxi riders attempting to dodge a new law requiring them to wear helmets.
The drivers have been complaining that helmets are too expensive, with some wearing safety hats fashioned from calabash fruit to avoid punishment.
"They use pots, plates, calabashes, rubber and plastic as makeshift helmets," Yusuf Garba, commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission in the northern town of Kano, told Reuters.
Garba added that the law came in on January 1 and motorists should be following it by now. "We will not tolerate this. We gave them enough time to purchase helmets," he said.

"Six months ago the price of helmets was below 800 naira (£3.75) so complaints about non-availability and high prices are no excuse."


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