Red Undergarments for Chinese New Year

Auspicious red undergarments has caused a buying fever in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan before Chinese New Year.
An undergarment stall at a local market was surrounded by housewives early in the morning and it turned out that they were actually attracted by eye-catching red undergarments.
Red undergarments printed with creative Chinese auspicious words reminded the public about the approach of Chinese New Year.

The stall also sold red undergarments last year and a female customer joked: “Oh dear! The red rat underpants I bought last year is still new and now I can't help but want to a buy a red ox bra.”
Creative Chinese words printed on red undergarments included mutual affinity, prosperity, good fortune and auspicious ox.
Auspicious red underpants were sold at RM5 each while bras RM15 each. Most of the customers would buy a full set of an underpants and a bra, symbolising completeness and perfection



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