100 singles formed love heart

MORE than 100 singles have formed a massive love heart in the centre of Sydney, in the hope of meeting someone special before Valentine's Day.
The group gathered in Sydney's Martin Place at 4.30pm (AEDT) recently, forming a red heart that could be seen from the surrounding high-rise office buildings.

A spokeswoman for Fast Impressions, the matchmaking company behind the feat, said even passers-by were roped into creating the massive human heart.
"We roped a lot of people - it was great fun,'' Rebecca Attenborough said.
"We had a hundred singles down there, including passers-by who were walking past and looking for a date in time for Valentine's Day.''

But asked if any matches were made during the event, Ms Attenborough said she would have to wait until the dust had settled after today's afterparty.
"There were quite a few people mingling, a lot of chemistry flowing and quite a few numbers being exchanged,'' she said.
"There was probably a few people that have gone home with a date in time for Valentine's Day.''



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