CV Blunders

According to the survey, 94 per cent of job hunters risked missing out on vacancies through poor spelling, grammar or presentation on their CVs.
What's hilarious is that in some cases, applicants' attempts to impress potential employers failed through the odd missed word, with phrases such as: "I was responsible for dissatisfied customers."

For others, the omission of a single letter consigned their CV to the dustbin: "I am a pubic relations officer." And sparing use of comma led to seemingly embarrassing disclosures of equal note: "My interests include cooking dogs."

Examples of CV blunders:

– My interests include cooking dogs and interesting people.

– As security guard my job is to pervert unauthorised people from coming onto the site

– I am a pubic relations officer

– I was responsible for dissatisfied customers

– My role involved coaching and mentioning

– I have excellent editing and poof-reading skills

– I relieved the conference manager

– I am a prooficient typist

– Socially I like to dine out with different backgrounds

– I get well with all types of people

– I was responsible for fraudulent claims

– While working in this role, I had intercourse with a variety of people

– Experienced sheet mental worker

– Highly adept at multi-tasting

– Left last four jobs only because the managers were completely unreasonable



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