Hotels in China offer "swimming companions"

AS THE summer holidays approach, hotels in China have come up with novel ways to entice travellers to stay with them.

Some of the hotels now offer "swimming companions" to guests who choose to stay with them, according to Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao.

Speaking for a self-proclaimed five-star hotel in the Yubei district, a Ms Bai admitted they wanted to attract male guests with the promotion, Wanbao reported.

A job advertisement revealed that the hotel is looking to hire girls with good looks.

According to the advertisement, they're only required to lounge in the swimming pool from 8pm to 10pm. The hotel will also pay the girls "appearance fees" ranging from RMB 80-100 (S$16.90-$21.90).

Ms Bai added that the girls are not required to swim with other guests in the pool. Ms Bai also clarified that she works for an advertising firm that's currently contracted to the hotel.

The lady said, "The job description is definitely true. If you have looks, you can report directly to the hotel for work."

A job advertisement for another hotel stated that its clientele is made up of white-collar males who would "appreciate looking at beautiful girls while swimming".

A manager in one of the Chongqing hotels said, "Such promotions are meant to increase the number of guests."

"Usually they're used to promote hotels which have just opened."

At one of the hotels in the district of Hubei, an applicant said that she decided to apply for the job because it sounded relaxing.

She said, "Besides I like swimming and I can earn money while I enjoy myself."

She added, "But I am still worried for my own safety."


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