DIY Helicopter

20 year old Chinese farmer Wu Zhongyuan built himself a helicopter using only — according to the man — what he remembers of middle school physics lessons and "relevant knowledge [found while] surfing the Internet via my mobile phone."

The cost to make this helicopter was around $1,600 and took three months to finish. The engine was from an old motorcycle and was reinforced using the steel pips and wood. Wu, who’s known to be a gadget lover in his home town, has no formal education and used what he learned in middle school to make the helicopter. But now he’s actually gotten in trouble with Chinese authorities because flying 2,600 feet into the air could cause airspace problems. Wu had a great quote when asked about the copter and why he wanted to develop it, “had this dream from childhood of not needing to climb mountains anymore. I wanted to go to school in my own flying machine.”

Wu, whose father pegs him as a gadget lover who would always take things apart, says that he "had this dream from childhood of not needing to climb mountains anymore. I wanted to go to school in my own flying machine."

Wu claims the 'copter can get him as high as 2,600 feet, though it seems he's grounded for the time being as the Chinese government has forbid him to fly because of safety reasons.


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