Singing Pervez Musharraf hit on YouTube

Pervez Mushraff singing with Hamid ali khan, classical singer of Pakistan. Musharraf singing with hamid ali khan. watch this.

Pervez Musharraf becomes YouTube singing sensation
Pakistan's General Musharraf has talent a YouTube video clip of the ousted dictator has revealed.
The film which features the former president singing a duet with the Sufi singing maestro Ustad Hamid Ali Khan has become an internet sensation, especially in Pakistan where members of parliament are deciding whether he should face treason charges.

Despite facing arrest in Pakistan for illegally arresting the country's judges, and the threat of the death penalty for high treason, General Musharraf appears to be singing his blues away while in London where he has performed at a series of concerts.
n his latest appearance he harmonised with the Sufi master while leading the crowd of Pakistani exiles, including his former prime minister Shaukat Aziz, in a rousing chorus of the popular ghazal "Laage re tou re laage najar sayyain laage". As Musharraf took the lead, Khan shouted "wah wah" in appreciation.

General Musharraf surprised another London concert audience recently when he took to the stage to play the Tabla bongo drums after complaining that the featured drummer was not keeping good time. His performance on that occasion was witnessed by Lord Nazir Ahmed.

The video clip has taken his erstwhile subjects in Pakistan by surprise with websites flooded with comments from viewers who had thought the General was only proficient in border skirmishes, ousting democratic governments, and holding opponents under house arrest.

Now, they realise, their former dictator can also hold a tune. "I really like his taste in music Pervez Musharraf may or may not be the one leader who did the most good (or bad) for Pakistan. But he may well be the one who sings the best," said Adil Najam, who posted the clip.


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