Women can keep secrets only for 47 hours!

Most women cannot keep a secret for more than 47 hours, a new survey has revealed. In the survey involving 3,000 women aged 18 to 65, four in 10 respondents admitted that they cannot keep a secret, no matter how personal or embarrassing.

While 83 per cent of women believe they are “completely trustworthy” and three in four claim they would never betray a confidence, it is unlikely they keep their lips sealed. And their likely confidante is their husband, boyfriend, mother or best friend.

Nearly 45 per cent said they blurt out secrets just to get it off their chests and then most of them feel guilty. More than half blamed alcohol for blurting out the secrets.

“It’s official – women can’t keep secrets,” the Daily Express quoted Michael Cox, UK director of Wines of Chile, which commissioned the research, as saying. “What we didn’t bank on was how quickly these are passed on. Every Brit who has confided in a friend should be worried,” he added.

Women hear at least three nuggets of gossip a week – about sex, affairs, or how much so-and-so really spent on that handbag.



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Food Fight in Asia

In some part of the world,people are without food,but here,those selfish,profit minded people just fighting who invented the dish.
Laksa, nasi lemak, Hainanese chicken rice, chilli crab and bak kut teh are all Malaysian dishes??
Food is all about caring and sharing. Trying to claim something as our own, it just goes against the spirit of our food culture.
I think it is difficult to claim ownership or to say exactly what food originated from where. This is because there are no boundaries when it comes to food.



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Man to marry four brides at once

Wedding nerves are bad enough with just one bride - but imagine having four.
CALL them crazy but four KwaZulu-Natal women are madly in love with one man and will all walk down the aisle with him on Sunday.

Businessman Milton Mbele, 44, will be flanked by his beautiful women who will be waiting to say their “I dos” at Ntlane village, between Escort and Ladysmith.

Thobile Vilakazi, Zanele Langa, Baqinisile Mdlolo and Smangele Cele are unfazed.

The beautiful quartet have vowed to marry their Ndaka municipal manager husband come rain or shine. The women are aged between 22 and 35 years.

Though he married all traditionally on Sunday, Mbele did not pay ilobolo for them at the same time. He first paid 10 cows for Vilakazi, then seven for Langa and eight each for Mdlolo and Cele.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Cele said: “We don’t see anything unusual about our marriage. We agreed to marry him at the same time because we love him. It does not matter if we have marriage certificates or not, what is important is that he loves us.”

Mbele said his marriage extravaganza starts on Sunday with a white wedding and ends on Monday September 27 with a traditional ceremony.
Asked why he was marrying all four at the same time, Mbele said: “Marrying many wives is our culture. However, what is different is to marry all of them at once. I am doing this because I love all these women.”

Mbele said the response he got about his wedding plans was amazing. “Many people are looking forward to see me making history.”

Mbele owns about 100 cows and 250 goats.

In South Africa, a Zulu wedding takes on many forms.

The bride may change her clothes three times during the day, in order to show off to her in-laws just how beautiful she is in different colours.

For the wedding ceremony she will change into a traditional outfit (see picture, right). Her flaring red headdress is reminiscent of the hairstyle of her ancestors. Traditionally, this headdress was made of her mother's hair.

During the ceremony the parties from both the bride and the groom's side compete through Zulu dance and songs. After the ceremony everybody tootles off to the groom's home for the traditional slaughtering of a cow by his family, to show their acceptance of the bride.

She then places money inside the stomach of the cow while the wedding guests watch. This symbolises that she is now part of the family.

The wedding ceremony ends with the bride giving gifts in the form of blankets to her new family. This tradition is called ukwaba. Even the long-deceased family members receive gifts and are represented by the living ones. The family cover themselves with the blankets in an open area where everybody will see. The spectators ululate, sing, and dance for the family.




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Prisoners get drunk on swine flu hand gel

Alcohol hand gel meant to combat swine flu has been banned from a prison after inmates started eating it and became embroiled in a drunken brawl.

Inmates have been drinking the liquid soap placed on their wing after realising it contained alcohol.

The detergent was meant to beat off the threat of swine flu in the Verne Prison on Portland, Dorset.
However, instead of rubbing it into their hands, inmates at the category C prison have been placing their mouths over the dispensers and consuming it.

Prison officers had expressed their concerns at suddenly having to deal with a number of drunken convicts before the brawl erupted.

It is thought one prisoner became aggressive after downing the gel and started a fist fight with another inmate.

Now the governor of the Verne has removed all of the dispensers from the prison.

A source at the Verne said: "The cleansers were put out on a wing to combat swine flu but as soon as they were put out, the prisoners started drinking the stuff straight out of them.

"There was a fight after one of the prisoners got violent after drinking the gel.

"The canisters have now all been removed from the wings but I couldn't quite believe it when they were put out in the first place."

Andy Fear, a member of the Verne's Prison Officer's Association committee, said: "These canisters were originally put out because of the swine flu threat.

"It was subsequently reported by some association members working here that the inmates had been incorrectly using them, for want of a better phrase.

"The suspicion that was reported to us was that some of the inmates had drunk them.

"Of course some of the officers expressed concerns over potentially having to deal with prisoners who have had a drink.

"Following this, the duty governor John Hanson took the decision to remove the gels from the wings."

Tim Roberts, branch chairman of the POA, said the association had raised concerns when it was first announced that the gel dispensers were being placed in the prison.

He said: "We had reservations when the plan was first mooted. Our members have been concerned and the latest incident seems to bear out those concerns."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice confirmed the hand gels were recently removed from a wing at the Verne following reports of a prisoner being drunk.

The spokesman said: "A prisoner at Her Majesty's Prison The Verne showed signs of intoxication, the cause of which will be investigated.

"Antibacterial gel pumps have been removed from the prison as a precautionary measure."

The governor of the Verne was not available for comment.

The move to ban the gel comes after similar alcohol-based soap had to be removed from the Dorset County Hospital in nearby Dorchester after vagrants wandered in and started drinking it.



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Man, Facing 90 Charges of Child Porn Possession, Blames Cat

Authorities have filed another 90 charges of possession of child pornography against a Martin County man who blamed the crime on his cat.

According to a sheriff's report, Jensen Beach resident Keith Griffin told investigators that pornographic images downloaded when his cat jumped on his computer keyboard while he was downloading music.

Keith Griffin blamed the crime on his cat.

Griffin was arrested in early August and charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. Investigators filed the additional charges on Thursday.

Griffin is being held in lieu of $2.2 million bail at the Martin County Jail. He was not immediately known if he has an attorney.

Sheriff's officials said a family friend was caring for the cat.



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Student Hostel in China

Student in China living like pigs



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Six-Year-old Dreams Of Becoming A "Corrupt Official"

Looking on the bright side of going "back to school", one Chinese journalist decided to ask a group of infant school children what they want to do when they grow up. Most of the answers are pretty standard, but the last one comes as something of a surprise.

The young student stated her aspirations in a televised interview.
"When I grow up I want to be an official," said the girl.

"What kind of official?" the interviewer asked. "A corrupt official because they have lots of stuff," she replied.



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Berbas mum demands wedding pre-nuptial agreement

Soccer star Dimitar Berbatov's mum has given her blessing to his marriage - but only if his bride signs a pre-nuptial agreement protecting his millions.

The 30 million GBP Manchester United striker is expecting a baby with his long-term girlfriend Elena Shtilianov.

Now his doting mum Margarita is backing plans for a wedding as long as Elena swears she has no claim to Berba's fortune, reports Bulgaria's Weekend newspaper.

But the suggestion has infuriated Elena's wealthy family who say she is no fortune hunter, local media claim.

The wedding is planned for next summer - with time for a long honeymoon if Bulgaria's national squad bungle their bid for the 2010 World Cup.



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107-year-old woman wants 23rd hubby

Afraid that her current husband might leave her after completing his drug rehabilitation programme, centenarian Mek Wok Kundor is looking to marry again - for the 23rd time reported The Stars.

The 107-year-old, who married Mohd Noor Che Musa, 37, in 2005, said they lived blissfully until he volunteered to treat his drug habit in Kuala Lumpur in July.

Tok Wook, as she is fondly known, now believes her husband might leave her after his programme ends and settle down in Kuala Lumpur besides marrying a woman younger than her.
“Lately, there is this kind of insecurity in me,” she said.

Tok Wook, who lives in Kampung Bukit TokBat here, said she planned to visit Mohd Noor on the second day of Hari Raya if her neighbours were willing to drive her to Kuala Lumpur.

“I want to express my feelings and tell him that I am lonely without him and if he reciprocates, I will wait for him without thinking of another marriage,” she added

She said she felt lonely without a companion during Ramadan.

“I am not searching for a man as handsome as our Prime Minister, but someone to accompany me in my twilight years,” she said.

“I realise that I am an aged woman. I don’t have the body nor am I a young woman who can attract anyone.

“My intention to remarry is to fill my forlornness and nothing more than that.”

She, however, declined to talk about her past marriages and the number of children she has.

All she said about her kids was that they were old and dependent on their children.

While she spent her last Hari Raya with Mohd Noor’s family in Bachok Kelantan, Tok Wook will celebrate it this year with her neighbours.

“I will wear a baju kurung that was given as gift by my husband in January,” she said.



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Baby born at 9:09 on 9/9/09 weighs 9 lbs, 9 ounces

No doubt. The nines have it. Chuck Berendes of La Crosse said he will never forget the birthday of this third child, born Wednesday on the ninth day of the nine month in the year 2009. Nor will Berendes and his wife, Polly, forget Henry Michael's arrival time — at 9:09 a.m. by Cesarean section at Franciscan Skemp Medical Center in La Crosse.

But they got the biggest laugh when the newborn was placed on the delivery room scale following his birth. Berendes said it was metric scale so the doctor did the math in his head, but to make sure, he had the nurse also do the conversion. Berendes said they broke into laughter when the nurse told them Henry weighed 9 pounds, 9 ounces.

The Associated Press reported two babies - Hailey Jo Hauer and Xander Jace Riniker - born at 8:08 a.m. on 8/8/08, weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

Xander Riniker, surrounded by sister Chloe Shumacher, 11, and father Chad Riniker, was born at 8:08 a.m. on August 8, 2008 and weighs 8 pounds, 8 ounces.

Lindsay and Joe Hauer of Fergus Falls are the parents of Hailey Jo Hauer, born at 8:08 a.m. this morning at Lake Region Hospital and weighing eight pounds, eight ounces.



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Peugeot has given the 206 a fresh look

Peugeot has given the 206 a fresh look with the new Peugeot 206 Plus, which essentially facelifts the 206 to have a similiar front end to the 207 and other Peugeot models. This means larger more feline headlamps and that wide gaping mouth grille. Engine options include a 60 horsepower 1.1L petrol engine, a 75 horsepower 1.4 liter petrol engine, and a 1.4 liter HDi diesel with 70hp. The interior design gets updated with a look that resembles the 207’s dashboard.



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Pretty women make men nervous

It's now established. Pretty women make men nervous, for a new study has revealed that blokes can lose their minds while talking to beautiful blondes.

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that talking to an attractive woman really could make a man lose his mind, a finding they claim may have implications for the performance of blokes who flirt with women in the workplace.

According to them, the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or cognitive resources trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.

Women, however, are not affected by chatting to a handsome man -- this may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities, the study found.

In their study, the researchers recruited some 40 male students. Each one performed a standard memory test where they had to observe a stream of letters and say as fast as possible if each one was the same as the one before last.



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The Laughing Bride

Her husband accidentally pronounces 'lawfully' as 'wawfully,' and she cracks up so much that they had to take a break in the ceremony.



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Fit of peak

When stubborn Qu Liming refused to make way for a government building project, he had no idea just how far officials would go to turn a molehill into a mountain.

Planners wanted Qu to quit his cliffside home to make way for a new village in Liulin, northern China, but were furious when he tried to block their diggers with his car.

"I thought that would slow them down so we could talk, but it just made them mad," said Qu.

"They began to dig out all the earth around my car and my home so now it sits on a mountain all of its own I think as a warning to others," he added.

Now the silver Chrysler sits on top of its own mini-mountain nearly 60ft up in the air amid the 500,000 GBP construction site.

"I tried to climb up and fell all the way down - but the police said it was all my fault for being big-headed," wailed Qu.



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