Company promotes paid leave for unlucky lovers

A company in Shanghai has promoted a special welfare program that gives employees paid leave if they're unlucky in love, the local portal reports.

A supervisor surnamed Zhao at the company's human resources department told that the company will approve the paid leave without proof if any staff member tells the company he or she has failed in love, and every employee can enjoy the two-day leave once every two years.

"With the paid leave, employees will have enough time to accept being unlucky in love, and we hope that the paid leave will make the employees feel at home in the company. Furthermore, an employee in our company also can enjoy three day's paid leave for divorce." Zhao said.

A company employee surnamed Jiao said that he was surprised to hear about the paid leave at first.

"The paid leave creates a warm working environment. Compared to a high salary, a comfortable working environment is more attractive for us." Jiao added.

The report also noted that none of the employees have applied for the paid leave since it was implemented one year ago.

Gu Jun, professor of sociology at Shanghai University, told that such a move helps build a harmonious company culture.

"More companies should be encouraged to promote such welfare benefits. Since the company grants this benefit, please enjoy it boldly," Gu said.



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