Jewel-covered beetle bugs US customs

IT WAS an unlikely fashion accessory, but the arrival of a jewel-encrusted beetle at a US border post bugged customs officers. A woman crossing from Mexico at Brownsville, Texas, declared the live insect decorated with blue and gold as she drove up to enter the state but she did not have the right paperwork.

Officers promptly confiscated the item worn as a brooch on the traveller’s sweater and sent it for further inspection. The beetle was attached to the woman’s clothing by a gold chain and safety pin.

The story of how the six-legged fashion victim was intercepted came in a press release and video from US Customs and Border Protection, part of the security machine responsible for protecting the US from terrorists and a body more used to trumpeting the seizure of cocaine, marijuana, hidden cash or fugitives.

“Officers seized the decorative clothing accessory and sent the live beetle to the Plant Inspection Station at Los Indios International Bridge for further identification. Because the traveller declared the insect no monetary civil penalty was issued,” the official account declared. Animal rights campaigners were less forgiving, reported the south Texan newspaper the Monitor.

Jaime Zalac, for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,said: “Beetles may not be as cute and cuddly as puppies and kittens, but they have the same capacity to feel pain and suffer. It’s ironic.

“We spend hours each week helping kind people find humane ways to relocate lost insects such as ants, bees and roaches that wander into their homes. People feel so good about not hurting them, while this woman paid someone to mutilate them.”



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Human “bed-warmers” in UK hotels

International hotel chain Holiday Inn is offering a trial human bed-warming service at three hotels in Britain this month.

If requested, a willing staff-member at two of the chain’s London hotels and one in the northern English city of Manchester will dress in an all-in-one fleece sleeper suit before slipping between the sheets.

“The new Holiday Inn bed warmers service is a bit like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed,” Holiday Inn spokeswoman Jane Bednall said in an emailed statement to Reuters.

The bed-warmer is equipped with a thermometer to measure the bed’s required temperature of 20 degrees Celsius (68 Fahrenheit).

Holiday Inn said the warmer would be fully dressed and leave the bed before the guest occupied it. They could not confirm if the warmer would shower first, but said hair would be covered.

Florence Eavis, Holiday Inn spokeswoman told Reuters that the “innovative” bed-warming method was a response to Britain’s recent cold weather and marked the launch of 3,200 new Holiday Inns worldwide.

She could not explain why the beds were not being warmed by hot water bottles or electric-blankets, but admitted the human method was quirky.

Holiday Inn are promoting the service with the help of sleep-expert Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, who said the idea could help people sleep.

“There’s plenty of scientific evidence to show that sleep starts at the beginning of the night when body temperature starts to drop,” he said. “A warm bed - approximately 20 to 24 Celsius - is a good way to start this process whereas a cold bed would inhibit sleep.”



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MoNique Wins Golden Globe For Best Supporting Actress!

Actress Monique, barely lifting the hem of her dress, shocked the audience present at the Golden Globe.

Congratulation to Mo’Nique for her big win. Her role in the movie Precious was phenomenal and she deserved to win! Her acceptance speech was moving and heart felt. Check it out below:

First let me say, thank you, God, for this amazing ride that you’re allowing me to go on.

Everybody kept asking me do I know my speech, and I said, ‘No, I don’t know what I’m going to say because I don’t want people to think I just know I done won something,’ so no, I don’t know! But I am shaking when I tell you all I am in the midst of my dream and when I look into the eyes of the man I stood next to at 14 years old and I said to him, ‘One day we’re going to be stars, and he said, ‘You first. And we walked this red carpet together tonight. Sidney, I will love you more than you will ever know, baby.

Lee Daniels, the world gets a chance to see how brilliant you are. You are a brilliant, fearless, amazing director who would not waver, and thank you for trusting me. To Gabby, sister, I am in awe of you. Thank you for letting me play with you.

I celebrate this award with all the Precious’, with all the Mary’s — I celebrate this award with every person that’s ever been touched. It’s now time to tell. And it’s okay.



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No Pants Metro Ride 2010 (Washington DC)

In 2010, in Washington hosted the ninth annual flash mob "in the subway without pants." It seems to describe the gist of it is not necessary - it is clear from the title. This action has already covered 44 cities in 16 countries worldwide. Important rules of a flash mob: "If you are stop by the police and ask to wear pants, do it immediately, smiled at it. Remember, you just forgot to wear pants this morning, it happens. If you have a transparent underwear or clothes with offensive slogans or pictures - please, give up participation. "



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Weapon of Mass Delight

Chocolate of Mass Delight. All can be eaten.



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Let's call the new year Twenty-Ten.

Let's call the new year Twenty-Ten. Not Two Thousand Ten.

Until the turn of the millennium got us all confused, we had an easy familiarity with each year:

When did William the Conqueror invade England? Ten Sixty-Six.

When did Christopher Columbus cross the Atlantic? Fourteen Ninety-Two.

When was the Declaration of Independence signed? Seventeen Seventy-Six.

And that Tchaikovsky piece? The Eighteen Twelve Overture.

Pearl Harbor? Nineteen Forty-One.

How did Prince want us to party? Like it's Nineteen Ninety-Nine.

In those good old days literally no one had to spell it out. If you saw the year 1950, you knew to say "Nineteen Fifty," not One Thousand, Nine Hundred, Fifty. No questions asked.

Then came the new millennium — the stentorian Year Two Thousand. The Year Two Thousand led to Two Thousand One, Two Thousand Two and so on, as if we were counting pennies in a jar.

Perhaps it was habit. Perhaps Two Thousand One landed on the ear better than Twenty-Oh-One, but with the turn of a new decade, it's time to go back to the future, to the ways of saying the year that served us so well for centuries until the 10 years of '00s — the aughts, the zeroes, the Ohs — call them what you will — discombobulated us.

Twenty-Ten sounds perfectly natural. Clocking in at three syllables, it's more economical than the ponderous mouthful that is Two Thousand And Ten. In starting to say Twenty-Ten, you'll be leaving behind all those bad habits picked over the last decade and honoring history in going back to the way we used to do it. And you know that even if we get it wrong for another whole decade, come 2020 we will certainly have the vision to say it correctly — as Twenty-Twenty.

But why wait? So Twenty-Ten?



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Tiger Woods appears semi-naked on the cover of Vanity Fair

IT'S an image that more than a dozen women have claimed to have seen in the flesh but now the rest of the world can see Tiger Woods without a shirt on.

The golfer, who has been accused of conducting affairs with 14 different women, has appeared semi-naked on the cover of Vanity Fair.

The image, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz in 2006, shows the fallen star glaring at the camera, holding two dumbbells and wearing nothing but a wristwatch and a beanie.

The photograph accompanies a feature that charts the dramatic turn of events that have sullied the once-impeccable image of arguably the world’s most famous sportsmen.

The story details Woods’ preference for threesomes and his links to a disgraced Canadian doctor charged with trying to smuggle an unapproved drug into the United States.

TIGER Woods' betrayed wife has taken another chunk out of the love-rat golfer - a whacking great slice of his huge wealth.

Tough Swedish model Elin Nordegren revealed to friends how she extracted revenge when they asked what the shamed golfing superstar had given her for Christmas.

She coolly declared "Three hundred million dollars, thank you very much", Britain's News of the World reports.

Just two weeks ago reports said she had vowed to drive Woods out of her life with divorce and a 50 per cent slice of his $600m ($668m) fortune.

Now it looks like she got her way and piled on the agony by barring Tiger from seeing their two kids on Christmas Day and forcing him and his mum to post the children's presents instead.

Nordegren, who turned 30 on Friday and is currently on vacation in France, has now cut all ties with Tiger after sensational revelations linking him to 18 mistresses.
he Florida-based sports legend, 34, has not seen his daughter Sam, two, or 10-month-old son Charlie for almost a month due to Nordegren's concerns about his mental state.

She told pals: "He's not stable enough at the moment."

She is now pressing ahead with the divorce plans and intends to start a new life near their old family home in Orlando within the next six months.

A source told the News of the World: "She's 100 per cent determined to split with Tiger.

"When she boasted of the $300m ($334m) Christmas gift and then laughed it was clear to everyone around her that she's more focused than ever about moving on with her life.

"She still has feelings for Tiger as the father of her kids, but now her only dealings with him will be to get her and the youngsters set up in a comfortable home with everything they need. And so far Tiger has just agreed to settle for an easy life."

The steely Swede has moved out of the family home and steered clear of her husband since child protection service agents visited them there in late November.

UPDATE: 29 JAN 2010
Report: Tiger Woods' wife calls off divorce

Former model Elin Nordegren has reportedly called off her plans to divorce golfer Tiger Woods after visiting him in a sex addiction clinic.
The Scandinavian filed for divorce after learning of her husband's cheating ways in November 2009 and immediately split from Woods.
But, within the past week, she has reportedly visited the disgraced sports star at the Gentle Path clinic in Mississippi - and Nordegren has now dropped herdivorce suit.
A friend tells America's People magazine she is hoping to save her marriage because she doesn't want to raise two children without a father.
The source says, "Elin wants a solid family life. She was a child of divorce and felt her dad slighted her. She absolutely does not want that to happen to (daughters) Sam and Charlie. So she wants to keep her family together even if she andTiger live together as friends instead of lovers."
And Woods is keen to do whatever his wife wants to keep the family together. The family insider adds, "He is doing whatever it takes to keep Elin from leaving him and taking the kids."



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