It is now ANGIE & JOHNNY

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship is in full meltdown mode — and Angie’s wasting no time moving on. She has her sights already set firmly on sexy Johnny Depp, her costar in her new movie.
The serial seductress plans to snare Johnny, when thy work on The Tourist in romantic Venice, Italy, Star reports in our Feb. 15 issue. She’s already started—with the same wiles she used to lure Brad out of his marriage to Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith!
While going over the script, Angie insisted that she needed to meet alone with Johnny at his LA compound to “discuss his acting method,” a friend reveals exclusively to Star.
“She’s already spent hours there drinking red wine with Johnny,” the insider tells Star. And when she’s not working her charms on Johnny in person, she’s been bombarding him with flirty e-mails and burning up the phone lines.
Angie has a reputation for falling for her costars. Both of her husbands and Brad were on movies with her when they fell in love. And she has proven she has no boundaries — she stole Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern and Brad from Jen.
Now she’s setting a trap for Johnny, who has two children with long-time love Vanessa Paradis. “She goes on and on about how fabulous Johnny is,” reveals the friend. “She’s intense and goes for anything and anyone she wants. She has no limits!”
Things could all come to a head when they head for Venice, Italy at the end of February. But don’t look for Brad to be there to intervene.
“Angie told Brad she’s going to Italy without him,” says the friend. “Angie knows what she wants, and she doesn’t want Brad in the way!”
How did Brad found out about Angie and Johnny? What was his reaction? And how is Vanessa dealing with it all? Pick up this week’s Star, on newsstands now, to read all about it.



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