Chinese bus company has innovative way to slow down drivers

A bus company in China has launched a new 'drive safely' campaign - by hanging big bowls of water next to their drivers.

The Longxiang Public Bus Company in Changsha, Hunan province, says drivers must drive gently to avoid spilling any water.

Bus drivers are expected to ensure the bowls are still full when they finish their shift.
And the company warns drivers that CCTV footage will be studied to make sure they do not top up the bowls with water.

"Passengers often complain that sudden braking and bad driving makes them really uncomfortable on the buses," said a spokesman of the company.



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It's being billed as the ultimate comfort pillow for the World DD Cup.

And this fleecy headrest - being distributed around the world in time for next month's tournament - might just cushion the blow when the results don't go your team's way.

Designer Goran Tonkic, Slavonski Brod, Croatia explained: "What man wouldn't feel better with his head resting there? It would make you forget any final score, no matter how bad."

The pillow is on sale at his company's webiste, for 21 GBP.



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HowTuition teacher raise student morale?

She is Winnie Wu, owns a tuition centre in Taiwan. She dresses miniskirt, low cut to showcase her 34C boobs, while giving tuition to her students. The parents are worried, but she argues that, it is to raise the students spirit, morale.



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Lady Gaga Amputated Leg?

Lady GaGa amputated leg another silly Gaga joke? No. It’s true.Lady GaGa astounded fans and TV audiences Friday when she announced that she has had one of her legs amputated below the knee purely for fashion purposes. Crazy, huh? Who in the world would get his or her legs amputated just to be “different”? Only Lady GaGa.She definitely achieved her objective.



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