Russian billionaire pays 1m USD to star with Lady Gaga

A Russian billionaire is so Gaga for his favourite pop star he paid her a million dollars for a fleeting bit part in her new hit video, it emerged today (Friday).

The mega-wealthy businessman - identified only as Arkady by Moscow's news website - appears wearing an SS-style leather coat and cap in the scene in Alejandro, Lady Gaga's new single.

"Yes it was me in the clip but I can't give further details," he told the news organisation.

During the scene Arkady is seen staring moodily at Lady Gaga before hurling off his cap and moving in to get closer to her.

The Russian was described by the news website as Lady Gaga's "biggest fan".

In the report Lady Gaga's management reportedly praised the Russian man's acting skills even though he did not have a professional modelling or acting background. They said the shooting took place in Thailand and the 30-year-old Russian had performed flawlessly.

The 30-year-old added: "I was pleased with how it turned out - maybe I am in the wrong job."

The website revealed Lady Gaga had left it open on whether there might be a further collaboration with the Russian businessman.



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