How to behave on the first date

How to behave on the first date. Men please take note.
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R2-D2 got married to his biggest fan, Bonnie Burton

R2-D2 got married to his (its?) biggest fan, Bonnie Burton, at Star Wars Celebration V in Florida last week.
Sometimes a girl just has to follow her heart no matter where it may lead.

After suffering through too many broken hearts thanks to dating boys who never quite appreciated my geek girl ways, I made a vow never to give my heart to anyone ever again who rolled their eyes when I attempted a Wookiee roar. I guess you could say I was looking for love in Alderaan places.

There’s nothing wrong with humans. I just find them to be a bit boring. They rarely have a screwdriver handy when you need it. They never seem interested in listening about your day. They always get lost on trips. They refuse to go out dancing. They hate relaying complicated messages to your friends. They’re so insecure with who they are; they never know what they want or how to express their true feelings.

"It does not grant any legal rights, and is not legally valid in any state -- except your state of mind."



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Testicle Cooking Festival

As tourism slogans go "Serbia has balls" is certainly designed to catch attention.
Tourism chiefs at Ozrem in the north of the country are hoping that their annual testicle cooking competition will do for the region what whisky did for Scotland or cheese and chocolate did for Switzerland.

Festival organiser Ivo Mokovich said: "The importance of a recognisable brand to sell a region cannot be underestimated - look at how many people go to Scotland because of the whiskey or how many people know Switzerland because of their cheese and chocolate.

"We are now hoping that the many famous and varied testicle dishes that we have created in the region will become world-famous and attract people who appreciate good food from all over the world."

The now annual Testicle Cooking World Championship will take place this year for the seventh time and is open to cooks from all over the world - although organisers admit they rarely get anybody from abroad.

Mokovich said: "That is not such a surprise - after all it shows we are the best because nobody else is prepared to take up the challenge and to try and take the title of top testicle chef away from the Serbs."

The testicle cooking contest starts on 27 August with elimination heats leading through to the final three days later on 29 August.

The testicle cooking contest



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Lisa Linehan: Will you marry me?

A Dallas woman, who has everything ready for her wedding except the groom, has taken to YouTube to campaign for a husband.
Lisa Linehan, 35, who already has a maker for her wedding dress and who has also planned the venue for the nuptials, said she got the urge to get married while at a friend's wedding.

"It just clicked for me that I actually wanted to be married when I was at my friend's wedding earlier this year, and it was a crazy thought - if I plan my wedding a year out, then I will get married," WFAA quoted her as saying.

Linehan's "Project Husband" is an online sensation, receiving more than 2,600 hits on YouTube and landing her dates with 52 prospective husbands.

"I've received love notes, poems, and some say I'm crazy - but it's not the path for everyone, just something I hope works for me," she said.

The wedding date has been set as February 15, the anniversary of her grandparents
' marriage.

Linehan also added she doesn't feel as if she's desperate - just a believer in the power of positive thinking.



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Singapore Airlines stewardesses wearing slippers

A heated discussion is brewing on the Internet over Singapore Airlines stewardesses wearing slippers.

China Press reported that the media in China had started the discussion after a journalist, who stopped over at Singapore’s Changi Airport, stated he was puzzled as to why the women wore slippers.

“It is inappropriate for stewardess to wear slippers,” the Star Online quoted the reporter as writing.

Besides the dressing, the reporter also compared the looks of China Airways and Singapore Airlines stewardess.

“In a nutshell, China Airways girls are prettier,” he added.

In response to the comments, a Singapore Airlines spokesman said the stewardess’s batik clothes and slippers were part of their uniform.

“The airline had been wearing the uniform for quite some time and we are happy with it,” the spokesman added.

And as for the looks of Singapore Airlines stewardess, the spokesman said every individual had their own opinion.



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