Lisa Linehan: Will you marry me?

A Dallas woman, who has everything ready for her wedding except the groom, has taken to YouTube to campaign for a husband.
Lisa Linehan, 35, who already has a maker for her wedding dress and who has also planned the venue for the nuptials, said she got the urge to get married while at a friend's wedding.

"It just clicked for me that I actually wanted to be married when I was at my friend's wedding earlier this year, and it was a crazy thought - if I plan my wedding a year out, then I will get married," WFAA quoted her as saying.

Linehan's "Project Husband" is an online sensation, receiving more than 2,600 hits on YouTube and landing her dates with 52 prospective husbands.

"I've received love notes, poems, and some say I'm crazy - but it's not the path for everyone, just something I hope works for me," she said.

The wedding date has been set as February 15, the anniversary of her grandparents
' marriage.

Linehan also added she doesn't feel as if she's desperate - just a believer in the power of positive thinking.


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