Russians Never Give Up!

Every problem has a solution. Sometimes ridiculous, silly, funny, stupid, crazy or dangerous, but still a solution. Enjoy a selection of Russian creativity.

Wiendshield motor has burnt out? – No problem, fixed in a minute!

Someone’s stolen the wheels? – No problem!

The steering wheel’s at the wrong side? – No problem!

Someone’s stolen the stereo? – No problem!

There’s no spoon when you need one? – No problem!

There’s no skatepark in the town? – No problem!

Problems with the signal during the rain? – No problem! ASTRO user please take note.

Show-case is about to fall? – No problem, it is already not!

Seat belt is out of order? – No problem!

The stove doesn’t work and you cannot make coffee? – There’s a way out!

No container for ice? – No problem!

Can’t afford a GPS? – No problem!

Exhaust pipe has come off? – No problem!

Losing cables all the time? – No problem, there’s a device for you!

One has to feed the baby while doing the washing? – No problem!

Can’t see the ATM display because of the sunlight? – No problem!

Adapter has burnt out? – No problem! Warning: Please do not try this at home.


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