Crossword puzzle marriage proposal

The Washington Post newspaper's crossword puzzle had special meaning for one local couple.

With the complicity of the daily broadsheet, Corey Newman, 28, of Alexandria, Virginia, proposed to his live-in girlfriend, Marlowe Epstein, 31, through clues buried in a specially-crafted puzzle.

The clue for 37 Across, asked for the name of a role in the movie "Shakespeare in Love." The answer - Marlowe. 39 Across asked for the name of a "Casablanca" screenwriter. The answer - Epstein.

The clincher was 51 Across: "Words with a certain ring to them." As soon as Epstein came up with the answer - "Will you marry me" - Newman got down on one knee, whipped out a diamond ring and repeated the question. "Yes, of course!" Epstein said. "I was sort of blown away," she said. "I was so impressed that he managed to pull that off!"


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