A dancing traffic cop who dresses up as Santa

Motorists in the Philippines capital were left agape when they saw a traffic policeman, dressed as Santa Claus, dancing to direct traffic, it was reported here.

Ramiro Hinojas, 55, has become an internet star with his dance moves while on duty.

He stands in the middle of a busy intersection in Manila guiding motorists with his distinct dance moves, reported The Sun.

The policeman picked up the dance steps from watching Michael Jackson. The hand movements are crisp as he shows drivers where to go.

"I know how the rush hour can make anyone crazy. It gives me joy to see people happy while they're stuck in traffic."

"I picked up the dance moves of Michael Jackson, and adapted them for my routine...I always tell my family that in my own small way, I am doing my share to improve the country by putting things in order," he was quoted as saying.

Reynaldo Nieto, a bus driver, said that the traffic policeman "dances for us while we're stuck in traffic".

"We always follow his traffic commands," he added.

Traffic controller Ramiro Hinojas, wearing a Santa Claus costume, dances as he directs motorists along an intersection in Pasay City, Metro Manila December 14,


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