Funny Xmas Wish

A British woman chose an unusual way to advertise her Christmas wish list -- stringing a banner along a highway asking her husband for a divorce.
The message, painted on a bedsheet hung near the side of the road in Reading, England, read: "For Xmas, Dan, Jude wants a divorce." The ticked-off wife put the message out in the wee hours of the morning, just in time for rush hour commuters to ponder the identity of the couple.
One neighbor said, "It's hilarious to think this man's wife has gone to these lengths. She has obviously just had enough and wanted to vent her frustration in public."

How to prevent divorce

Here are some useful tips on how to prevent divorce. Before reading the tips on how to prevent divorce from happening to you and your marriage, remember that the change should first come from you.

You cannot fix a marriage if you yourself cannot acknowledge your shortcomings. It should be a collective effort by you and your spouse.

This is the first thing that you really should keep in mind. It is about both of you both wanting to make it work still.

To really prevent divorce, the first thing that you should do is stop disagreeing and fighting with your wife/husband. Start agreeing with him/her.

Don’t be defensive at all times. Try to listen to your partner and analyze what he/she is saying about you.
Acknowledge you spouse’s comments and consider it as a constructive criticism on you.

He/she is just telling you for your own good.

For instance, your partner calls you a “nagger”. You just respond by saying “Yes, you’re probably right”.

Chances are your spouse is right.

By saying this, your spouse will back down because he/she knows your listening.
The second tip on how to prevent divorce is to lighten up.
Both parties should control their temper especially when talking to each other.
You should have conversations that are upbeat and optimistic even when your marriage is on the brink.

This tip is hard to do but very effective.

To prevent divorce, the third tip is to determine your actions and words that you see contributing to your failing marriage.
You have to admit to yourselves that both of you are at fault. Jot down the issues in your marriage.
Listing down your faults means swallowing your pride which is a good if you want to prevent divorce. This means that you are owning up to your mistakes that led to your marital problems.
By doing this your partner may see that you are changing, and will enable him/her to also change for the better.
These three tips are just some of the tips that could prevent divorce. Following them will be a great help to your marriage. The key really is for you to make the first effort!


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