Cheating Ruwa woman has Chinese baby

A CHEATING married black woman in Damafalls, Ruwa remains the talk of the neighbourhood after she gave birth to an Asian baby. While some neighbours suspect that Anywhere Gezi, 20, who is married to a kombi driver Bright Kachanga, 24, might have stolen the baby, the woman insists she was impregnated by her Chinese former boss.
The baby, named Kupakwashe Kachanga was born at Ruwa Maternity Clinic on November 26, 2010 and is the couple’s ONLY child.

Cheating married black woman gives birth to a Chinese

Bright and Anywhere had tried for THREE years to have a child of their own and were unsuccessful and it took the Chinese ‘lover’ just one night to hit the jackport.
Anywhere CONFESSED that she cheated with a Chinese man who was her boss at Grinaker Construction where she still works.

The Chinese man at the centre of the storm was only identified as Lung Fanlihong and is believed to have fled to Zambia after he was confronted by Bright’s relatives baying for his blood.

When H-Metro visited the family yesterday, Anywhere’s neighbours were convinced that the family might have stolen the baby as Bright appeared not bothered.
“At first, I thought a Chinese national had settled in our neighbourhood and I was convinced this woman was a maid before I heard the true story,” said one of the neighbours.

“Ndakati muChina arikudei kuno ndaona akamubereka before she started breastfeeding the baby on way from the shops.
“What surprised us is that the husband accepts the baby as his and we thought that they might have stolen the baby.

“In other words, that’s the results of work place romance,” added the neighbour.
Anywhere CONFIRMED that she cheated with a Chinese man after a late night party with him where she consumed an unnamed intoxicating drink before they had sex.

“I lied to my husband before it was discovered by his sisters the day his (Bright) late father was laid to rest in Rusike Village, Goromonzi,” said Anywhere



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Test driver ploughs RM2mil car into barrier

LIKE a pinball, a RM2mil car slammed into a road barrier and a lamp post after its driver lost control of the vehicle during a test drive

It is believed that the driver, who was with his friend - both in their 30s - was driving the Ferrari F430 on the KL International Airport highway when the accident occurred near a toll plaze at 5.30pm on Friday recently

Sepang OCPD said the car was being driven at a high speed prior to the accident.

“Luckily, both men survived with minor injuries,” he said.

He added that no one had lodged a police report regarding the accident.



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I am not showing too much!

A DARING dresser whose skimpy outfits have seen her refused entry at top city nightspots says she is being treated unfairly.

Lisa Woodman cannot understand why her choice of dancewear does not meet with the approval of nightclub bosses.

The full-time mother-of-four says she only gets to let her hair down once a fortnight – usually a Saturday night – with her sister Sarah Woodman.

They usually start the night in Lloyds bar in Broad Street, but head for the nearest clubs after 1am – either Mode, Tramps, or Velvet, all run by the same company.

But on every occasion for the last few months, the two have queued only to be told they cannot go inside.

The last time it happened was New Year’s Eve.

They did manage to get in once to Mode, where Lisa Woodman says, according to one of the bouncers, she is never allowed in “because of what I am wearing”.



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Queen termites can make men king in bed

A MAN involved in the pest control business has claimed eating queen termites can boost the sexual prowess for men.

Metro Ahad reported Abdul Rahim Abu Bakar as saying queen termites had special properties similar to that of viagra.

He said the bug must be swallowed alive 15 minutes before the start of sexual activity for it to be effective.

“The effect is as if we are running in a marathon non-stop,” claimed the 45-year-old man, who said he started eating queen termites seven years ago.

Abdul Rahim claimed the price of a queen termite can be as high as between RM2,500 (USD$800) and RM5,000, depending on its size and colour.

He said that he once pocketed RM7,000 by selling three queen termites.

Well-known gynaecologist Datuk Dr Ismail Thamby, however, brushed off Abdul Rahim's claim as just a myth.

“If there is any effect, it is only psychological in nature because the person who eats it believes it works,” he said.



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New Zealand bottom tattoo auction goes global

Tina Beznec, from the city of Lower Hutt, is auctioning space on her backside to be tattooed with a design of the winning bidders choice in an online auction.

The listing has become a viral hit, attracting more than 170,000 hits and bids of more than $8,600 - Ms Beznec plans to give 20 percent of the proceeds to charity.

She says the winning bidder will win the right to have whatever they like tattooed on the 9x9cm patch of skin, adding: "I'm just trusting the winner of the auction will not do anything too stupid."

"I think it's amazing that, you know, it's gone global. Gone viral over the internet. Several different countries have tried making contact with me. Everyone's talking about it. It's quite a big topic. So, yeah, it's awesome," said Tina. So far, design proposals include brands and promotions, "property of..." tags and self-portraits.



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Brazilian councillor proposes law demanding brides wear underwear when they marry

A Brazilian councillor has proposed a law to force brides to wear knickers at the altar. Ozias Zizi claims that a growing number of women in his south-eastern town of Vila Velha are turning up to church with nothing on underneath their wedding dresses. The superstitious brides believe it will make their marriages last longer, he explained.

The Brazilian Repulican Party (PRB) politician claims his new law, which would also put a lower limit on brides’ necklines, will save ministers of religion from embarrassment as they conduct weddings in the town.nHe said: 'There are a lot of women who believe that if they get married without wearing knickers this helps secure their nuptials for longer.

'The person, in fact, can get married in whichever way they like, but the moment they enter a place of worship they must show some respect. And without knickers just won’t do.' The councillor admitted that the law would be hard to enforce – ‘we couldn’t do any checks’ – but suggested that an educational campaign could ‘preserve our sacred places’.

A local pastor who takes weddings in the town branded the bill as 'ridiculous'.
Deriding the bill, Enoch de Castro said: 'There are women who make a choice to not use underwear. This has nothing to do with anything. It would be an absurd thing to try to have to police something like this, to find out whether a bride is wearing knickers or not.'



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Training female bodyguards Chinese style

Dressed in skimpy bikinis, these Chinese women could be going for a day out at the beach.

But these trainees are in fact being put through a gruelling regime in Sanya, Hainan province, on the road to become female bodyguards.

Twenty women, most of them college graduates, were kicked, dunked, near-drowned and forced to carry a heavy log between them during a tough boot camp run by professional bodyguards on Sunday.

The four-week programme is run by trainers from Tianjiao Special Guard Consultant Ltd - the first open group training for female bodyguards in China.

Each trainee goes through 10 months of instruction to develop their skills in reconnaissance, anti-terrorism training, martial arts and business etiquette.

The best individual from the class is also invited to study further at the International Security Academy in Israel.

With the booming economy in China and increasing wealth sparked by high demand for Chinese goods and materials, demand for bodyguard services had risen dramatically on the Chinese mainland.

Graduates of bodyguard courses can look forward to a well-paid career if they are recruited by wealthy businessmen.

That is especially the case for women, because they are less visible than their male counterparts and because they can assume roles such as secretary or nanny, they are in high demand.

Female bodyguards are often paid far better than male counterparts - up to $100 a day - too because they can adopt different roles. The average annual wage in China is just $1,500.

The boom in China has also seen a rise in the growth of wealthy women, who prefer female bodyguards because their presence does not raise questions of potential relationships.



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British wedding vs American wedding

American Wedding is more simple



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Rent a boyfriend in China

Women in China looking for companionship can now cut through the hassle of meeting men, instead renting a boyfriend on e-commerce site Taobao for a set price, according to the Nandu Daily. The boyfriends are rented based on the services they provide to women, including holding hands, hugging and kissing. The temporary couples will typically go to movies, shopping, out to dinner, or another date chosen by the woman.

The price to rent a boyfriend varies. Ten yuan (US$2) is standard for a one-hour lunch. For an hour of shopping, the price doubles to 20 yuan (US$4). To rent a boyfriend for a full day, the cost can be upward of 100 yuan (US$15).

Most men who rent themselves out are looking for money, but some say they do it for love. A 28-year-old man from Foshan, Guangdong named Huang posted an ad with a high price of 500 yuan (US$79) to rent him. Huang says he hopes to find love and that if he finds a girl who really wants to marry him, he can adjust the price. One girl from Beijing has contacted him, but they have never met because of the distance between their homes.



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