RIP Madonna. You aren't dead, but your career is: Will Smith

Hollywood superstar Will Smith has proved yet again that he is a dangerous tweeter. He does not shy away from writing controversial content on social networking site Twitter. In his latest tweet, he has made fun of Madonna in a crude manner.

Smith tweeted, "RIP Madonna. You aren't dead, but you're career is (in this picture). (sic)". And, provided a hyperlink along, which shows Madonna sitting on the shoulders of one of the guys of the band LMAO with a bold message written at the bottom of the picture saying "I'M SIXTY AND I KNOW IT (sic)"!

This tweet was retweeted immediately by thousands of Twitter followers of Smith's, and soon the picture was all across the web.

Now, Madonna is not on Twitter, but one can be pretty sure that somebody would have made her aware of Smith's antic eventually. Wonder what Madonna would have to say about that.

The tweet seems to be directed towards Madonna's deteriorating looks by the day. Or has the tweet got something more to it than that? Is there some friction between the two Hollywood heavyweights? Only time will tell, but as of now only Will Smith seems to be laughing!


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