How Chinese Girls attract potential husbands

Beautiful girls in China staged a striptease to attract potential husbands.
Apparently very urgently to get married



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Buy a wife from Vietnam

Buy a wife from Vietnam for only 6000 USD.
1. Guaranteed virgin
2. Guaranteed to be delivered within 90 days
3. NO extra charges
4. If ran away within a year you get another one for FREE



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The Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has become the worldwide benchmark in hybrid technology. With Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, the electric motor and petrol engine have been combined to serve as power sources to ensure an efficient drive, whilst performance is delivered at optimum levels.



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Man marries doll in Britain for the second time

An English man married a plastic bride for the second time following failed relationships with real women, Daily Star reported.

Everard Cunion has been living with plastic dolls for some time after reportedly deciding that women “talked too much,” according to daily Habertürk.

He has had nine plastic women in his life in the past nine years; his first plastic wife was Caroline, whom he married in 2008.

Cunion’s second marriage took place in the early days of March. The doll bride wore a wedding dress during a ceremony attended by Cunion’s close friends.

The groom was happy but the bride “did not smile,” a guest said, according to Daily Star.

"I prefer my dolls than women living"

"This is my male instinct, to have so many beautiful women in my life as possible."



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Wedding FAIL

Most Embarassing moment on the most important day



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Original driver's license picture

Well, that’s one way to take a driver’s license picture in Canada
I wonder how he came up with this idea?



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