Man's 87-hour endurance bid to win BMW

THIS is the man who won a BMW in an endurance competition that saw him touch the car for 87 hours.

Song Changjiang, 27, was one of 120 original hopefuls who tried to keep a hand on the motor for as long as possible.

Contestants were aged 18 to 40 and were allowed a 15-minute break every four hours to sleep, eat and go to the toilet.

After four days and three nights just three people were still standing before one gave up in tears after his feet had swollen so much he could not walk.

Three hours later, the next contestant quit — leaving Song to drive away with the car in Chengdu, China.

But despite getting the motor on a five-year lease, he said: “I won but it was not worth it — I’d never do it again.

“At the end I didn’t have the strength to eat. Even if there is an award of a million, I will not take part in a contest like this in the future.”



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